Thanksgiving 2022

Meet Some of Our Friends!




Donny is a long-time participant of Sierra Roots lunches and the Cold Weather Shelter.  He is 54 years young and had been on the path to nowhere.  He adopted Little Bear, which has changed his life and given him a purpose. He gave a solemn promise to Little Bear and to himself, to do the best he possibly can, to care for him and love him. 


Having Little Bear has opened a whole new world of love to Donny that he never knew existed.  Having a dog in his life made him push his pride aside and ask for help, something he had never done before. 


He came to this realization when the weather started turning cold and Little Bear was shivering in the rain. 


He has reached out to Sierra Roots for hot food, warm clothing, a sleeping bag, and other winter items. 

Donny and Little Bear



Jeffery and Megan are a married couple who consider themselves “houseless” not homeless.  They are longtime participants of Sierra Roots. 


Jeffery is a recent graduate of rehab for substance abuse and is currently in Transitional Housing while his wife is currently residing at Sierra Guest Home as she has Multiple Sclerosis.  They don’t know how long she will be able to stay but it is a safe place to be while her husband completes his transitional housing and graduates. 


They appreciate all that Sierra Roots has done for them with lunches, clothing, and shoes. The lunches provide a safe place to attend with no worries of about drama or misbehavior.  They are able to socialize with their “community” of friends while enjoying a hot meal.


Matthew and Megan